Talent Development (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2010 and renowned for superior training programs delivered by an ambitious team of qualified, expert and highly experienced trainers. We help improve your organizational effectiveness
through innovative and insightful training, consulting and business improvement services tailored to meet your specific needs.

With our dream to become a high income nation by 2020, we are driven to churn out a skillful workforce.
This is achieved through partnering with global industry leaders.

We are passionate about performance, learning & development, and innovation. We are motivated to make a difference
for the customers we serve, and for this reason, the following guiding principles drive our business interactions in the automotive, technology and engineering field.


Holistic learning is a process for learning more adequately.

This is opposite of routine memorization (repetition). Here in Talent Development (M) Sdn Bhd, our goal is to create a construct understanding such as models that can be used to solve problems.

Customers will be taught to create webs of information, constructs and models by perception, metaphor and exploring.

We are also committed to let our customers to adapt information through hands-on learning or also known as firsthand
learning. It lets our participants to engage in in-depth investigations with materials and understanding from those



We develop, plan and realize training solutions

  • For any product or system of Siemens Industry
  • Industry and machine specific with a focus on hands-on training in class
  • For individual needs by means of custom-tailored training

This sets us apart from other training providers:

  • Excellent trainers and special training devices
  • Application of innovative learning and teaching methods – practical  relevance
  • Know-how straight from the manufacturer

Certified employees and contractors ensure a high quality and productivity.

Having the relevant expertise is an essential prerequisite for self confident and effective action. Cycles of innovation are also becoming shorter and shorter, combined with market pressures for efficiency make the establishment of skill standards through certifications an absolute necessity. The training and certifications offered by Siemens enables the efficient use of automation technologies including their correct design, installation, commissioning and support.  Elevate your confidence that staff and contractors have a proven level of skills with Siemens certifications and see real results in:

  • More efficient project designs
  • Shorter commissioning times
  • Lower maintenance expenditures
  • Minimized downtime
  • Flexible adaptation of equipment to changing requirements
  • Improved quality standards in production
  • Shorter learning curves when there are changes in technology or personnel
  • Motivated, committed employees



To Equip and Enable people and business to perform at the highest potential.
Our vision is also to bridge skill gaps amongst fresh graduates & working adults.



Our mission is to solve business challenges by providing globally and industry
recognized technical certifications & qualifications.


T actical – A very well planned & designed program that meets the needs of the customer.
A udacity – Boldness in taking up challenges.
L earn – Customer to acquire knowledge and skills by study & hands-on training.
E stablished – An established training company that provides certifications or trainings time to time.
N ew -  Discover new programs and techniques to diversify trainings time to time.
T echnology – Branch of knowledge dealing with engineering or applied science.