Is it possible to conduct a training programme out of your facility?
Yes, it is possible with a minimum number of participants and we currently conduct our training programmes within Malaysia.


Are your programmes more focused on developing skill sets or enhancing soft skills?
Both and we focus more on developing skill sets through hands on training.


Do you have online training courses?
We do not have any online courses at the moment as we are currently focused on delivering only hands-on training.


Do you provide examples of some of the training materials?
We do not provide examples of training materials as it is copyrighted by our partners. It is ONLY made available for our participants.


Are there any testimonials from previous participants?
Yes, we do have.


What is the duration of the training programmes?
It varies from programme to programme as some are catered to the customer needs. Tentatively it is between 4-21 days.


What happens if I miss my training date, do I have any other options?
It is not possible to reschedule once registered. Programme reminders will be sent to ensure that the participants make the necessary arrangements to attend the programme.


Why is there a validity date to some of your programmes?
This is to ensure that the programmes we offer are always current with the market trends.


Is there any early bird registration?
It depends on the programme and promotion being offered.


Who are the suitable candidates to participate in the programmes?
It is open to anyone with an interest but it is highly recommended for those in the technology and engineering fields.


What are the available Payment Methods
We accept payment via Cash, Cheque and Online Payment Transfer


Are there any examinations?
In order to be awarded a certification, participants will need to complete an exam on the last day of the programme.