Siemens Mechatronics System Certification program SMSCP – Level 1

Available Certification:

Certified by Siemens Technical Academy, Berlin


SMSCP Overview

Mechatronics is not only the marriage of electrical, mechanical and computer technologies; it is also a philosophy for looking at the system. Under traditional methods of teaching mechatronics, students
learn about each of these fields separately from one another.

Because of the isolation of these fields, there is little appreciation or understanding of the interrelationships. Even a final capstone course which attempts to tie the three fields of technology together often cannot convey fully the complexity of mechatronic systems. Under the System Approach, students learn about the complexities of the system in a holistic fashion.
This means that from the very first day, they are confronted with a complete complex system and learn about the various parts of the system by examining their roles in the system, always keeping the “big picture” in view. Starting at the macro level, students first see the full system and learn about its function. From there they go into one of the system modules, examining the components contained within the module and their inter-relationships with one another.

At the component or device level, students learn about the physical properties of each component in the system, and, coupled with their knowledge of the flow of energy and information within the  system, they will learn to carry the measurements required to pinpoint where malfunctions are occurring. They can determine whether a component is defective, whether the energy or information flow is incorrect, or if the hardware of the control system is defective – in other words moving from the micro-level back up to the macro-level in the troubleshooting process.

As a result, Siemens Certified Mechatronic Systems Assistants learn how to work their way into a new system, and by means of the troubleshooting strategies which they learn, they are able to transfer their knowledge and expertise easily to another system. This makes for an employee who is flexible, autonomous and professional in his or her dealings with such complex system.


SMSCP Benefits for Companies and Industries

Well-Trained, Work-Ready Technical Workers.
With its emphasis on in-demand industrial skills, troubleshooting, and hands-on practice, SMSCP’s training will provide you with knowledgeable workers, which are able to easily move into a variety of production, technician, and/or engineering roles.
Objective Certification of Workers’ Technical Skills.
SMSCP certifications provide an objective, industry-aligned assessment of mechanical, electrical, and digital technical skills, troubleshooting, and mechatronic systems- thinking.

  • Time and cost savings due to efficient engineering
  • Minimized downtime due to integrated diagnostic functions
  • Higher flexibility in production due to integrated communication
  • Plant and network security due to integrated security functions
  • Protection of personnel, machinery, and the environment with seamlessly integrated safety technology
  • Improved quality due to data consistency
  • Simplified implementation of automation solutions due to global standards
  • Better performance due to interoperability of system-tested components


Who Should Attend?

  • Open to anyone in the related field of profession.
  • Employees of HRDF contributing employers and NON HRDF contributing employers.

Who qualify?

  • Malaysian citizen with a copy of your MyID and a copy of your latest pay slip.